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2020-06-07Check what wld.renderer is not nullMartin Tournoij1-1/+1
It would segfault for me, turns out wld.renderer is null, not entirely sure why yet but add a check for that so it'll exit instead of segfaulting. Note that using perror() instead of just exiting gives at least *some* info as to what's going wrong: Can't create renderer: Permission denied So maybe add that to die()? But that's a larger change so didn't add that here.
2019-06-19Support for xdg-shell-unstable-v6 (for compatibility with older compositors ↵Keith Bowes1-2/+2
still floating around)
2019-06-19Cleared up warnings and noticesKeith Bowes1-37/+10
2019-06-19Well, it compilesKeith Bowes1-60/+26
2019-06-16st => wtermKeith Bowes1-0/+4063