tag name1.0-rc3 (c7373aaf76e599a7298621a4f45678886cf912fc)
tag date2019-02-18 15:16:58 -0500
tagged byDrew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
tagged objectcommit a1b9aa11d1...
sway 1.0-rc3
Sway 1.0-rc3 contains 24 changes from 6 contributors since 1.0-rc2, and only contains bug fixes. The recommended wlroots version to use with this sway release is 0.3. Package maintainers: please do not package this release. Brian Ashworth (11): cursor: relative-pointer-v1 time is usec subsurface_get_root_coords: break on NULL seatop_move_tiling: use tab/stack parent not self seat: allow tree focus changes while layer focused seatop_move_tiling: do not move to descendant apply_output_config: dpms on before modeset Fix reload freeze when not modsetting current mode sway-input.5: document wildcard and identifier troubleshooting workspace_next_name: fallback to next available number seat_cmd_cursor: fix typo in expected syntax Use container under cursor for mouse bindings Drew DeVault (1): Remove refs to unimplemented debuglog command Ian Fan (4): swaybar: prevent signal handler from firing during termination tray: use correct parameter to set bus slot to floating tray: when a service is lost, remove all matching items tray: fix memory leaks Vincent Vanlaer (1): Check layout before getting pointer surface coords athrungithub (1): Don't remove from scratchpad on move to workspace emersion (6): Rebase cursor when a layer surface maps Fix --version when building from tarball Disable unneeded wlroots subproject features Remove unused header include/sway/tree/output.h Fix Meson subproject boolean default options Disconnect swaybg instead of killing it