tag name1.0 (52843d23ee5f6872cee13e4ebf52f17e3815ca88)
tag date2019-03-11 11:01:07 -0400
tagged byDrew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
tagged objectcommit 3ede5983b9...
sway 1.0
Ben Challenor (1): Make raw keysyms take precedence over translated Brian Ashworth (10): ipc: change {,deco_}rect to match i3 ipc: fix rect for stacked children ipc: fix fullscreen deco_rect ipc: describe libinput device configuration output_damage_whole_container: damage subsurfaces damage: remove output_damage_view arrange: use int not size_t for title offsets fullscreen: init floating on disable without size detect_proprietary: use strncmp sway_view_child: add listener for view unmap Drew DeVault (1): Update language in sway.desktop & sway(1) Ian Fan (3): stringop.c: remove unused functions stringop.c: clean up headers stringop.c: refactor a few functions Jeff Peeler (1): fix "directive argument is null" errors Peter Grayson (2): Add -p/--pretty option to swaymsg Add missing swaymsg completions Ryan Dwyer (2): Don't send button events to surfaces when dragging or resizing Fix click behaviour emersion (4): Set DISPLAY after initializing Xwayland Fix container_parent_layout for scratchpad windows Fix crash in cmd_workspace when layer surface has focus meson: use pkg-config var for scdoc path minus (1): Fix crash when moving window to scratchpad