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2017-05-31Major refactoringHEADmasterDmitry Khalansky3-132/+125
Move encoding and language options to the main .tex file where they are commonly placed. Separate the preamble directives inherent to the bachelor work into a separate file from the preamble. Now `bachelor.tex` is a drop-in file for specifying the design, and `preamble.tex` accompanies `example.tex` in being an exemplary set of common, not necessarily mandatory, tricks.
2017-05-30Table of contents title is all-caps automaticallyDmitry Khalansky1-3/+10
No functional difference but is a more robust solution
2017-05-30The language is chosen even without this directiveDmitry Khalansky1-3/+0
The last entry in parameters for `babel` defines the language to be used.
2017-05-30More conventional command for finding .tex-fileDmitry Khalansky1-3/+1
2017-05-30Initial releaseSergey Nazaryev10-0/+6304