Bank Hapoalim Android English translation mod

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It's hard to use Israeli bank application if you don't know Hebrew. This is a set of files that you can use to translate Hebrew labels in app to English.

To use it you should:

  • install Java JRE & JDK on your PC
  • generate your own keystore for signing new APK
  • download and set up APK Studio
  • unpack original APK (from repo or get it from Google Play) using APK Studio
  • copy files from repo's patch dir to APK Studio's project dir, it should be located near APK and looks like com.ideomobile.hapoalim.apk-decompiled
  • rebuild app from APK Studio (Project → Build)
  • sign it using APK Studio (Project → Sign)
  • put your APK (com.ideomobile.hapoalim.apk-decompiled/dist/com.ideomobile.hapoalim.apk) into your device (via ADB or MTP) and install it via file explorer